GRANIT logistics - From Heeslingen to Europe

We supply workshops and specialist dealers across Europe from our central warehouse in Heeslingen.


Currently measuring 90,000 square meters, our warehouse permanently stocks 240,000 individual items that are available around the clock. With us, you have access to the leading replacement parts range in Europe, including original parts from well-known manufacturers, replacement parts from leading OEM suppliers and quality identical parts. With our own brand, we also offer high-quality alternatives at fair prices.


In order to continue leading the way in this area, we not only have to be fast, reliable and attractively priced. Our overall performance must be second to none.


This is why we adhere to the principle that all customers are entitled to fast and reliable delivery at fair prices, regardless of the size and value of the order. By the same token, every customer can expect individual support and tailored solutions from us. We also guarantee our customers that orders placed by 6pm will be delivered by 8am the next morning. Because we want you to be able to rely on us.


We will continue to pursue this goal in the years to come. This is why we are our expanding our storage capabilities in readiness for future growth.

Our central warehouse in Lower Saxony, which is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, has been supplemented by the construction of a second warehouse in Tholey, Saarland. This means that we will have sufficient storage capacity for the years to come. With shorter delivery routes, this warehouse will continue to guarantee rapid delivery of goods, especially for southern Germany and Europe.


It goes without saying that our logistics colleagues are extremely important to this endeavour. Thanks to them, we dispatch around 40,000 deliveries every day. Motivation and a good working environment have allowed us to continuously increase our delivery rate to its current level of more than 98%. We continue to work on this every day. And we're getting better all the time.

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